We maintain a good collection of books of technical, professional and general interest.
The students are allowed the free use of these books under the following regulations:-

1.  Library will remain open during Institute hours on all working days. However, the Principal
     may extend these hours beyond the working hours if the students so desire..
2.  The books will be issued to the students - 3 books for 14 days.
3.  Books must be returned or renewed within specified days but the Librarian may summon the
     as return of the book earlier as and when urgently required.
4.  A fine of fifty paise per day will be imposed for every book returned late.
5.  In case of book lost, it would be necessary to replace the book or pay the price mentioned
     in the Accession Register plus 25% or market price plus 10% whichever is more.
6.  Marking on books, defacing or tearing off papers/pages is not permissible and
     the defaulters will ordinarily be required to pay the price of the books. Technical journals
     are provided in the Reading Room for the students.
7.  Library books are to be taken back from the students before the start of examination.

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